What do we do?
Mosquito Abatement manages the population of mosquitoes to reduce their damage to human health, economies, and enjoyment. Mosquito control is a vital public-health practice throughout the world and especially in the tropics because mosquitoes spread many diseases, such as malaria.

Mosquito-control operations are targeted against three different problems:

  • Nuisance mosquitoes bother people around homes or in parks and recreational areas;
  • Economically mosquitoes reduce real estate values, adversely affect tourism and related business interests, or negatively impact livestock or poultry¬†production;
  • Public health is the focus when mosquitoes are vectors, or transmitters, of infectious disease.
West Nile Virus Alert

No infected mosquitoes have been detected in our area.

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Illinois Department of Public Health
United States Geological Survey
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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